Residential & Commercial Blind Cleaning in Blue Bell, PA

Proper window blind cleaning service can mean the difference between blinds that look new and damaged blinds with dust marks on them.

Professional, Quality Cleaning Services

We know that you need to keep your blinds, shades, shutters, and window dressings clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for service for your business with hundreds of windows or a home with eight windows, you want quality service. If you trust someone to clean your window blinds that doesn’t know what they’re doing, you run the risk of them damaging your blinds. Especially regular plastic blinds, which are prone to bending and breaking. Many manufacturers will even void warranties based on the types of cleaning methods used on blinds. When you hire Dirt Slayer Blinds, you’re guaranteed quality service and specialized cleaning techniques designed specifically to clean the microbes and dirt from your blinds without disturbing the rest of your home. Contact us today at 267-280-3578 for residential blind cleaning in Blue Bell, PA

Commercial Blind Cleaning

We understand that cleaning and sanitizing blinds in large buildings can be tasking and time-consuming. That is why we are available for high-volume blind cleaning in restaurants, school districts, businesses, and more! If you’d like professional blind cleaning for your business, contact us today for a quote! Our team travels throughout Montgomery County as well as the surrounding areas.

The Professional Difference

To clean blinds, the technicians at Dirt Slayer Blinds use a patented hydro-wash cleaning system that is considered one of the safest ways to clean blinds. Cleaning blinds can be a delicate process in some cases and certain blind cleaning systems can damage blinds and void the manufacturer warranty. With our hydro-wash system, blinds are thoroughly cleaned with non-toxic chemicals without risk of any damage. Blinds made with real wood must be cleaned by hand to ensure they do not warp or become water damaged. Our staff are trained to carefully clean every type of material so you can be sure that your blinds are in good hands!

Professional blind cleaning is more than just dusting off the blinds. We remove the blinds and carefully clean the entire system, including cords, tassels, wands, etc. Keeping your blinds clean, not only makes them look nicer, it helps improve the air quality in your home or business. Blind systems can be covered in grime and bacteria, as well as allergens and pollutants. Non-toxic cleaning agents remove any debris and make your blinds spotless. Schedule residential and commercial blind cleaning services in Blue Bell, PA to start improving the air quality in your home or business today!

Cleaning blinds also keeps them working properly and looking new. If your blinds have been getting stuck, they may need to be cleaned and oiled, so they don’t break! Stains on the blinds can become permanent over time due to constant sun exposure. If your blinds haven’t been cleaned in a while, we can remove stains before your blinds are permanently discolored. Contact us today to schedule residential or commercial blind cleaning in your area.

If your blinds are in disrepair, we can fix the blinds as we clean them! We keep replacement pieces for blinds on hand so that your blinds can look new again and all the parts work properly. Let us know if your blinds will need some minor repairs when you schedule your cleaning! Our technicians are trained in repair work to ensure that each of our customers have clean, quality blinds in their home or business.

Contact Us Today

We understand that you don’t want someone to come in and damage your business or your property. We can come in and fully clean your blinds. Our process will completely clean every component in your blinds, not just the slats, without damaging them. Afterwards, they will look like new. Our window blind cleaning can take care of any type of blinds or shades made of any material, from cloth honeycomb shades to vertical plastic blinds or metal shutters. We are trained in handling all brands of blinds and shades, and know what to look for to care properly for each kind. Our cleaning service will remove dust, dirt, microbes, smoke, and more. Not only that, our patent cleaning system will even keep your blinds and shades clean long after the process is over! For more information on window blind cleaning services in Blue Bell, PA, performed by Dirt Slayer Blinds, give us a call at  267-280-3578, and we’ll talk you through our process today.