Can blinds be repaired?

damaged blinds crinkled up

Keep your blinds pristine

Growing up, do you remember mom and dad, or maybe your grandparents, either repaired things around the house or had them repaired? From lamps to toasters, the edger and the lawns mower, even Venetian blinds. With a world of throw it away and buy new, you must wonder if something like blind repair or blind repair and cleaning services are still available?

Well, yes there is!  There are companies that offer blind repair and installation, or you can buy your own blind repair kit. So, if you have one or more blinds that have broken or aren’t working properly, there are places that you take a blind for repair by an experienced person, somebody that doesn’t believe in the buy it, break it, buy the new theory of today’s time.

What are the different types of blinds?

At one time, Venetian blinds were the only type of blinds you could purchase. Then the window shades came along that shaded the entire window. As time progressed, we realized that maybe have window covering that allowed some sunshine to come through.

Today, the variety of blinds are almost endless, bringing different styles to fit a variety of décor, which has brought back the need for blind repair services. Some of the choices you have today in blinds are:

  • 1” and 2” Wooden Blinds
  • Blackout Shades/ Room Darkening
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Light Filtering Blinds
  • Motorized Binds
  • Pleated Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Roman Shades

How do you restring a blind?

When you have one blind that lowers and raises askew, it can take away from the whole room’s appearance. Blinds are made with multiple strings to lower and raise them and when they are new, this design works so they are always even. The mechanics that make this happen are done by routing the strings through the top rail, across pulleys and a fastening mechanism holds them in place.

If a lift string breaks or becomes frayed, the easy way to fix this is to take them to a blind repair service company. Sometimes though, that may not be a practical thing for you to do, and in that case, you can replace that string with the following steps:

  1. Lower the blind as far it goes using the strings that still work.
  2. Remove the blind out of the mounting clips from the mounting top and lay it out on a flat surface.
  3. Pop the clip or plug off from the bottom bar under the broken string and pull the broken string’s knot to remove it from the bottom bar.
  4. Slide new string into bottom rail through the hole and feed it through the hole of each blind slat, alternating left to right as you go through each slat.
  5. Push the string end through the hole in the top rail and feed it over the pulley above the hole, pulling it to the pulley and over the lock mechanism and down through it, pulling approximately ten feet of the string through the mechanism.
  6. Twelve inches below the bottom bar cut the string and make a knot large enough it can’t get back through the bottom bar hole. Pull the string at the top rail until the knot is 1” from the bottom, then replace the clip
  7. Repeat these steps for any broken strings then hang the blinds and test.

How do you fix a stuck open blind?

Next to blinds lowering and raising crooked, getting stuck when lowered or raised is the most irritating thing about blinds. This problem happens when the cord that controls the up and down movement becomes jammed in the lock mechanism. No, you do not have to have a professional blind repair to fix this.   With the following steps, you can do your own blind repair and the only tool you’ll need is a flattop screwdriver.

  1. Take lowering and raising cord and pull upward until level with the top rail, the tug it to lock it.
  2. Now take the blind down.
  3. Inside the top rail you’ll find lock mechanism we have spoken about where the cord runs through. Take your flattop screwdriver and poke the pin inside there to hold the lock. With your screwdriver in a perpendicular position with the top, press the flat surface counter to the pin to release the blinds.
  4. Put the blinds back up and test them. 

What is a blind slat?

Slats are the part of blinds that run either horizontal or vertical and are made of metal, plastic, or stiffened fabric. They can be rotated at a 90-degree angle so that light can pass through or folded to keep the light out.

Blinds in great condition

How can I raise my blinds without a cord?

Existing blinds that you use a cord to raise them can only be raised in that manner. Today, there are blinds available that are cordless. There are still cords running through the slats, but you simply gently, but firmly pull the bottom bar down and raise, you gently push up on the bottom bar.

Today, you can purchase a variety of blind styles, as we mentioned and listed earlier. This makes it easier (or confusing perhaps) to choose a style of blind that fits your home’s décor and style, almost as confusing as choosing the right size of HVAC system for your home. While you can purchase less expensive blinds a big box stores, to get blinds that will last forever and fit properly, going through a company that blinds are all they do is the best solution. Call 267-280-3578 today for your blind repair needs in Blue Bell, PA.