Can You Replace Blind Slats?

Window With Sand Colored Roll Blinds

Blind Repair & Basic Info.

Your blinds are beneficial for a variety of reasons as they can assist in maintaining insulation on a property as well as blocking put direct sunlight from windows. Now they may not be as important as more intricate systems of your property like with your HVAC system yet they do assist the micro-environment of a room as heat and cold air is transferred through your windows. The function or movement of blinds nowadays can vary greatly depending on personal use or preferences.  Nowadays blinds can be automated or adjusted with different features so it’s important that when you’re seeking blind repair you follow with instructions that came with the package. Here you’ll find a little blind repair diy as well as other basic information surrounding the topic of blinds. If you’d like more information be sure to contact your local blind repair company for assistance!

How much does it cost to replace a blind?

Replacing a blind will range in price depending on the material, a typical price range for installing a new blind for one window is $60-$120. If you’re replacing or installing multiple windows you may get packages with varying numbers of windows that will be done within it.

How do you fix a broken blind cord?

Blind repair with a broken cord may require replacement or repair. There are different sized blinds which follow with different cord widths, styles and string methods. It’s important to first consult the manufacturer’s installation guide in order to take a look at specific info on instructions for replacement cord specs.  As far as a typical Venetian blinds cord repair you’ll first remove the cap that’s over a hole at the bottom rail near your hardwood flooring.  You’ll look for the knotted end of the cord, pull it towards you and then cut it off. You will then hold the new cord in your hand, light it briefly with a lighter and blow it out. The new and old cords should then be attached together and gently rolled between your fingertips as the melted ends should bind together. At the end of a minute or more of doing this gently pull to check that they are securely bonded. If not repeat the step. Once that’s done pull on the lift cord or tassel and string it through the blind. Tie a new knot in the cord at the bottom rail and secure the rail cap in place once more. This may not work for all types of models or cords so when in doubt consult a professional.

How do you fix a stuck blind?

First, make sure that the bottom of your blinds isn’t secured in the hold down brackets which can prevent movement with certain types of blinds. If that isn’t the issue remove the blinds by tacking the headrail out of the brackets and use a screwdriver to press the pawl down in the track that it travels through. Once that’s done put the blinds back into the brackets and try attempting to lift the cords again.

Sunlight Coming Through Venetian Blinds by a Window

What are the individual pieces of blinds called?

Parts Of A Blind

  • Tilt Mechanisms
  • Cord, String & Loops
  • Brackets
  • Valance Clips and Corners
  • Bead Chain
  • Wands 
  • Wand Tips
  • Slats
  • Bottom Rail Parts
  • Cloth Tape
  • Vanes
  • Ladders

What are the parts of a blind?

Blinds can come in many different parts and pieces depending on the style and model of the equipment. A blind that has wood, vinyl or fabric panels that hang up and down are called vanes and can tilt open and close and also pull from either side. With horizontal blinds, you’ll have wood that’s referred to as slats. How horizontal blinds essentially work are that the blinds are mounted by inserting ends of the headrail on a box bracket that snap shut. With honeycomb or cellular shades, you mount them by snapping the headrail into a mounting bracket. You can either pull on a cord or turn a knob or wand to open and close blinds. While some blinds have tilt mechanisms to allow different levels of blocking the outside light others can only be adjusted by pulling a cord, as seen with fabric blinds, that pull up like an accordion and form a solid block when covering a window.  Depending on the blinds that you have for your home or business additional parts may be included beyond these basic parts.

Contact A Professional

Since blind designs can vary greatly from one to another so when it comes to extensive blind repair or damages it may be more cost-effective to contact a professional for any type of intricate new installations. Some instances, like with blind repair and cleaning, can be done with simple DIY fixes that can be obtained with a blind repair kit.  A simple blind repair bend or other such problem as mentioned before with cords can also be replaced with your own expertise. If you have any questions be sure to contact your local blind services as they can help you determine to what extent you should go about your blind repair issue!  

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