How do black out shades work?

blackout shades keep out sunlight

Are blackout shades worth it?

Modernized black out shades have become a popular staple in American homes due to their capability of balancing out the interior setting and providing the owner a sense of privacy. Whatever brand you choose, the benefits make themselves clear the moment you have blackout shades installed on your windows on a bright sunny day. As such, the benefits one would see include: 

  • Better climate control in living spaces
  • A sense of privacy by way of covering windows
  • Lower electric bill
  • Helps make your cooling system more efficient 

Whether it’s the warm or cooler months, blackout shades provide the homeowner with an easy to use system that lasts and offers further appeal to wherever they live. Blackout shades also work better than opening a window to balance the temperature. While opening a window may seemingly help airflow through your living space, it does not necessarily improve the temperature a great deal if the temperature outside is hotter. It also invites a wealth of insects and a gateway for strangers to view into your privacy, blackout shades offer a solution. Helping keep the home at a temperature controlled climate with at least twenty percent greater efficiency. If you’re interested in blackout shades in Blue Bell, PA and the surrounding area, call 267-280-3578 today to set up an appointment with Dirt Slayer Blinds so our experts can make your home a better climate controlled experience. 

Do blackout shades keep heat out?

As mentioned, blackout shades do help keep the heat out of your living space in tandem with your air conditioner and the circulation that flows throughout each room. Due to the natural heat sunlight and general light extend upon reaching a surface, blackout shades absorb or reflect much of that process before it enters the interior. With the space dark and concealed from most of the light that would have entered through an unshaded window, your home is left with a space that is easily temperature controlled by your air conditioner or the system you use for cooling. 

In addition to cooling, blackout shades are known for attaining a better level of privacy for the home or apartment owner. Even at night, blackout shades keep out anyone nosy enough to peer into your window thanks to the cover they provide. While someone may be able to determine if the lights are on in your abode, they will not be able to peirce through the cover a good set of blackout shades can provide you. 

Furthermore, blackout shades present an easy part of your home to clean when that time of the week arrives. The easiest way to do so is to dampen down a towel with some surface soap and go over both sides of the shades with a light touch. Within a short moment, they are clean and looking at their best with only a minimal amount of effort and little amount of cleaning product used for the benefits blackout shades provide your living space. Keeping them clean is a simple matter, with even a dust gathering tool or cloth, you don’t have to worry about dust buildup.

How do you hang blackout shades?

Depending on your set of blackout shades, you could have a set supported by twine or rolled around a pin. Either way, both have a spot to where the blinds will fold up into at the top of the window. This part, called a valence or pelmet, holds the system that controls the shades and is connected to the lever or string you can use to adjust them. For some, you can simply hang them off hooks you personally install to the window frame surfaces and thereby making the installation a simple matter. When it comes to others however, there are those that require a little more handiwork in the sense that you will need to drill or hammer support hangers to keep the valence in place. While it may sound slightly difficult, it is an absolutely simple matter with a touch of patience. Once the Valence is hung, you can use the shades to your discretion. 

If you are before that point and in need of measuring your window in order to figure the best measurement for your blackout shades, this is also a simple matter. Take a tape measurer and record the space in which your window fills from top to bottom and side to side. There’s not much else to it due to that the shades are designed for that space. 

While this process seems like a simple one, it is essentially for the baseline in blackout shades that are generally easy to set up. For more advanced shades that have specialties to them, we offer services to install and advise on which shades would best fit your home. Contact us today to take full advantage of our affordable services.

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Blackout shades vs curtains

Blackout curtains are also a popular staple of homes across the world as blackout shades are. The question of which is better however is one that many homeowners often ask when making the choice between the two. The primary argument heard is often that blackout curtains often cover more space, which can be true, but there are caveats to that benefit that blackout shades do not have. Blackout curtains often look unseemly inside due to them being difficult to get an exact measurement for your window. When it comes to a good set of blackout curtains to get the job entirely done, the result can be expensive and also must have a hanging system that can put large holes and cracks into your wall. Blackout shades however, are cheaper and can fill the space easier than blackout curtains can. They also have a system that does not take up as much space as blackout curtains do. If by chance your blackout curtains are near electrical outlets or products, they have the chance to catch fire, Whereas blackout shades can be fit into your window frame and be well away from any outlet or place that will cause a spark. We at Dirt Slayer Blinds in Blue Bell, PA can install your blackout shades for an affordable price with one call to our number of 267-280-3578. Call today to set up an appointment.