How Much Is Blind Cleaning?

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How Much Does It Cost to Have Blinds Cleaned?

Many homeowners remember to clean their windows when at normal intervals or when they start to get dirty, but some people overlook their blinds. That can be a problem as dust, dirt, grime, and other elements build up on their surfaces over time. The best way to ensure that your window blind cleaning is effective is to service them often enough that thick and difficult-to-clean layers can’t build up over time. Once they’ve gotten dirty enough, they can become especially difficult to clean on your own without special treatment of some kind. Depending on the material your blinds are made from, this can be exceedingly difficult as cloth blinds are prone to staining and blinds with solid slats can break are touched wrong. There is no definitive blind cleaning kit that homeowners can use, but you do have options when it comes to cleaning your window coverings.

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What Can I Use to Clean Blinds?

It’s usually a good idea to lightly dust the surfaces of your blinds first, as any extra residue on it’s surfaces has the potential to create stains and problems further along the line during cleaning. You can order a special blind cleaning brush online that is designed specifically to gently clean the tops and bottoms of your slats with minimal pressure. If you notice excess grime that dusting couldn’t remove, you can put the upholstery attachment on to your vacuum and try to use it to remove the dirt. There is also the option to use a soft microfiber cloth, get it damp with warm water, and add non-corrosive cleaners like dish soap to clean very soiled blinds or treatments. This may not seem like especially effective advice for people who are asking themselves “How do you clean fabric blinds?” but some of these methods work for those as well. Softer materials should be vacuumed lightly as wiping is a less effective method for this kind of material, and that same damp cloth can be used to clean light spots and stains from your window treatments.

How Do You Get Stains out of Fabric Blinds?

  • Gather Your Supplies You’ll need several different materials. If you’re asking yourself “What to soak blinds in to clean?” the answer really depends on the color of the cloth. If your shades aren’t white, you may not want to risk using bleach. You could substitute it for liquid dish detergent if that’s the case. Either way, you’ll need a bucket, a soft rag like a microfiber cloth, a sponge, and your cleaning solution of choice.
  • Prepare Blinds If the stain or stains are small and you can reach them easily, you may not need to remove the treatments for window blind cleaning. If the stains are large or look difficult to wash, you should pull them down so you can apply more pressure during the scrubbing process.
  • Mix Cleaning Solution Whatever your cleaning solution of choice, you should mix it with water in the bucket. If you’re using bleach, ensure that you keep it diluted as four parts of water and one part bleach unless it’s darker fabric, then the solution needs to be much weaker, like eight to twelve parts water to one part bleach.
  • Apply Solution to Stains Use the sponge to test the solution on the stain. Once you’ve determined that it won’t cause further stains, gently dab the cleaning solution on to the different stains on your cloth blinds.
  • Dry the Spots Once you’ve applied the cleaning solution and are satisfied with how it looks, either leave the shades somewhere to dry or start using a hair dryer on a low setting to dry out the areas you cleaned.
  • Inspect Shades Once the shades are dry, check the effectiveness of your fabric window blind cleaning efforts. If it’s resolved, hang your blinds back where they belong, and if they need another round of cleaning, repeat the process until you are finished.
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Blind Cleaning and Repair

Some people will take one look at that list and decide they’d rather outsource the job to someone else. That raises questions about prices for blind cleaning services for home and business owners in the area. It really depends on how many different window treatments you need serviced, how quickly you need the job completed, and whether or any of the units also require repairs. You would hire a professional home contractor to remodel your bathroom, so why not trust a professional to conduct your window blind cleaning service and put your mind at ease? Hiring professionals guarantees high-quality service that will have your window treatments looking brand new with a minimal risk to your property.When you’re looking for window blind cleaning on site in Blue Bell, PA, contact the professionals of Dirt Slayer Blinds at 267-280-3578 for more information today.